Zambians in Yorkshire Celebrate Bwalya Chakulya’s Kitchen Party


By John Chinode II

(15/06/2019) - The Community of Zambians in Yorkshire last Saturday celebrated Miss Bwalya Chakulya’s kitchen party in a modern Zambian traditional style. Bwalya a Compliance officer for a pharmaceutical company is set to tie the knot with her long term fiancé Lee Bowden who she has dated for eight years.

Colourful Miss Bwalya Chakulya in brown attire and here bridesmaids 

The event started with the ever-entertaining MC. Annie Mukosha who kicked off the event with some very traditional Zambian dances while getting the audience laughing with her rich humour which appealed to the guests who arrived on time something very unusual for a Zambian audience and Zambian time. 

"An event like a kitchen party is meant to unite people together," where some of the wise words from Bongi Mokone whose mother is Zambian and her father is South African. 

Bongi dressed in a Zulu outfit said, “I am 44 years old and I have never ever been to a Zambian event, so this is my first time and imagine my own mother is Zambian. Being here means a lot to me especially that I have lived my whole life in South Africa and England." Bongi also went on to say that “the culture seems to be similar to what we have in South Africa but the Zambian way of preparing a bride is just so rich”. 

Bongi Mokone 

Cultural are so different when it comes to weddings and more especially if the marriage involves two different cultural and ethnics backgrounds. Rashunda Campbell who is a close friend to the Bride said, “In the Caribbean, we do have bridal parties but definitely not at this level. We normally just bring gifts for the bride to be but what I saw today was amazing. I have learnt so much about marriage tips especially on how to carry yourself as a woman in marriage."

Rashunda Campbell  

The Event was held at the Classy Hallmark Hotel in Hull with 100 guests in attendance who danced the night with the ever smiling Dj Enomatrix who kept the ladies on their feet all night.  And the food was a mixture of traditional Zambian food and Western Dishes, Bon Appetite.

Bwalya and Lee are set to marry next year in Hull 


Mc John Chinode of Basement Entertainment Media and DJ Enomatix  

@Pictures by Basement Entertainment Media



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