Zambia UK FC to face Nigeria at the AFCON UK

By Oscar Miyanda

As the African continent roars with a loud thunder of the Vuvuzela made famous at the South African world cup, Zambia and her Chipolopolo boys have all but been left out of Egpyt, but the Zambian story does not end there.

On the 29th of June in the United Kingdom, the African community will rise to drum to the sounds of the Vuvuzela at the 10 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations UK, where our very own Zambia UK FC will take to the pitch and battle it out to be crowned the African champions in Europe. The tournament is scheduled to run over two days, with the opening games starting Saturday 29th and final ending games taking place Sunday 30th June at WestHam Memorial Grounds, Memorial Ave, London E15 3DB. With a total of Eight African teams taking part who will be split into two groups, where four teams in each group will battle it out to advance to the finals with second-placed teams from each group playing for third place. There will be a total of 14 games to be played and each team will play two games in a day.

Zambia UK FC - Manchester Squad 

The Zambian side will be represented by a young but very talented team of Zambian youths, equipped with skills you only see in cup finals or Xbox/Ps5 gaming consoles. For most of the lad in this team, this will be their first real Zambian assignment and hungry to shine in a group where they face against Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania who stand in their way to the final but the energy combined with the positive team bond displayed by the entire team, from the coaching bench, players and the technical bench, one can only define this as a positive passion that defines the character of a Zambian when called upon to stand and play for Zambia, wearing that shirt with a country's pride on their shoulders.


To the Zambia community at large young and old, your presence is required to be that extra voice on the pitch. You are encouraged to come in number, dressed in the Zambian national colours and cheering our boys with every touch, every goal not to miss a moment to lift our boys as they battle for Zambia to be crowned football Kings/Queens in Europe. 

                   Zambia UK FC - London Squad

Let us all join the Community of Zambia's in the UK and Zambians worldwide in wishing Zambia UK FC good luck and best wishes, Good Luck Lads!!!


Bola Ni 90

Bola Na Lesa 

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