Uhuru Gives Standing Ovation to 18-Year-Old Zambian, Natasha Mwansa

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday gave a standing ovation to an 18-year-old girl from Zambia during her speech at the 2019 Women Deliver Conference. 

She was speaking at the opening ceremony and started her speech while seated next to world leaders who were on the panel, among them President Kenyatta, but asked to stand up to make her point much clearer. 

She stated that it was not proper for world leaders to implement programs that benefit the youth without input from young people.

"Can I stand? I feel more powerful when I stand. The key message that I have for every leader that is out here today is, do not do anything for us without us...we also need a taste of power," she spoke. 

She continued to express herself, highlighting what governments needed to do to be inclusive to young people. 

Her message was so powerful and the courage with which she delivered it was so impressive that the heads of state present, among them Uhuru, rose to clap for her.

Natasha was born and raised in Zambia. She received her diploma at Lusaka Secondary School and is taking a gap year before embarking on new studies. 

 As a Junior Reporter, Child Journalist, Child and Women’s Rights Advocate and Activist at the Media Network on Child Rights and Development, she is responsible for gathering and disseminating information and tracking stakeholder progress. 

 Through her work, she was selected to be part of the African Union Commission’s Youth Advisory Board. Additionally, she also is the Social Accountability Monitor at Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Dissemination Service. 

 As an advocate, Natasha is proud of being in the process of starting an initiative that will foster young people to take radical action and foster positive change. 

Natasha advocates for girls and women because she believes girls have untapped power and will stop at nothing until it is unleashed. 

Watch the video of Natasha's powerful speech and the standing ovation.

Watch the video of Natasha's powerful speech and the standing ovation.

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