Burgess Park: Zambian Catholic Chaplaincy UK 2019 Fundraiser

By John Chinode II

24/06/2019 - St Francis of Assisi Small Christian Committee, one of the Small Christian Communities under the Zambian Catholic Chaplaincy in the UK, held their annual summer fundraising event Saturday 22nd June 2019 at Burgess Park in South East London. The event attracted huge numbers of Zambians from different parts of London on a day with adorable weather for such an outdoor community outing.

Zambia Catholic St Francis Chitente Chairperson - Ms Gwendoline Chiteme Lumingo 

At the event, the happy Zambian Catholic St Francis Chitente chairperson Ms Gwendoline Chiteme Lumingo said that “I am very pleased with the turnout of our community today, the money we raise today helps with some of the challenges our community face like bereavement or when people are admitted in hospital with no family support”.

Video highlights from the event

Ms Lumingo went on to say that “We are calling on Zambian Catholics and friends in the UK to join us for mass every last Saturday of the month in Islington at St Peters Catholic Church and those wishing to contact me can do so by calling me on 07877572400 anytime”. 

Greetings from Fred Chileshe aka Mr Fly Fred

It is not a hidden practice for most Zambians coming to the UK and to tend to change their deep Zambian accents. We all do our best to sound British even after only living in the UK for just five days. But at this fundraiser was a community pillar and member of the Zambia Catholic Chaplaincy Mr Fred Chileshe, who is also known as Fred Fly. Mr Chileshe arrived in England from Zambia as a 16-Year-old Lad in 1978 but somehow has managed to preserve his Zambian accent even as he cooked the BBQ as can be seen from the picture above. Mr Chileshe has been a dedicated member of the Zambian Catholic chaplaincy since it started in the UK and said, “This has been a long-awaited community fundraiser. Imagine we had £500 worth of tickets sold out before this event. Our Chitente fundraising committee has really done an outstanding job and if we continue at this pace, member of our community facing challenges will be well supported”.

Zambian community member relaxing whilst also catching up on so exciting topics

According to those who attended this event, most people agreed that they would like to see more Zambians getting together at least even once in a month for an event like this. One Zambian community member who decided to stay anonymous even went on to say, “Koma community yatu ina sila! Kulfunika unity, an event like this is what we need to reunite us. Today I have seen people I have not seen in maybe 2 years” (But our community is finished! There should be unity, an event like this is what we need to reunite us. Today I have seen people I have not seen in maybe 2 years)

A happy day for our Zambian community members of all ages

A Community is a tool used to bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome our challenges. As Human beings, we always need a sense of belonging and the sense of belonging is what connects us to many relationships we develop as a community.

Plenty of food and drink for all

Pictures by @BasementEntertainmentMedia 2019

Videos by @BasementEntertainmentMedia 2019

Event by @Zambian Catholic Chaplaincy  St Francis Chitente 2019


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