BOLA NI 90! Zambia UK FC heading AFCON UK 10th edition

The Zambia UK FC is the official UK Zambian community football team that is represented by UK Zambian footballers drafted from various local league divisions and academies with a very special place in every aspect of bringing the UK Zambian community together through sports., Taking part in major UK like the Africa Cup Of Nations football tournament and friendly matches along the way has seen Zambia produces some exceptional talent to the delight of those that follow Zambian football.

The whole concept of Zambia FC UK is entirely a youth-driven initiative that is inspired and guided by experienced senior community leaders who see such an initiative as a benefit set that can even contribute to the development of Zambian football at the national team level. The team successfully assembled together Zambians footballers from as young as 12 years old right through to the mandalas. This year football season runs from spring all the way to winter, with games in London and Manchester already kicked off, other towns as well to follow.

This is a youth and community inspired project which is open for sponsorship and any form of support to bring together our Zambian youths through sports. As a Zambian or friend to Zambia, you can play a huge part in ensuring the long term benefits of Zambia UK FC are rooted as an ongoing family-oriented activity that promotes togetherness and our motto of one Zambia one Nation.


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